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Katherine Milns

Katherine has been painting quiet street scenes in Acrylics

Her most recent works are of quaint old streets, hidden in old towns, away from the bustle. She explores her interest in dark narrow streets forced into shadow on bright sunny days. As ever she explores the light and dark contrasts, creating peaceful, rather than empty street scenes. Many of these works are images from Scarborough and Tenerife, two places which she visited recently with her family.

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Street Paintings Street Paintings

Katherine has explored many subjects, from New York, to seascapes, figures, and still life. She continues to explore all media competently using oils, acrylics, watercolours, pencil, charcoal, pastel, mixed media and collage. Below are some of the subjects she has painted. Click on the thumbnails to see more...

Flower Paintings New York Paintings by Katherine Milns, Doncaster, South Yorkshire Figure Paintings Landscape Paintings Organic Paintings Seascapes. A selection of predominantly watercolour paintings Tonal Drawings and Colour Sketches Miscellaneous subject paintings

"I paint because I love painting. I draw because I love drawing. It is the process that is important to me. My paintings can hide or express my feelings. Art is therapy, I get lost in it. I enjoy it.

The skies, weather, nature, and man made beauties all inspire me. I use photography to capture moments which sometimes translate into paintings. There is so much underestimated beauty in our towns, countryside and coastlines it is easy to be inspired when we find the time to look around us."