Drawings and Colour Sketches

Katherine loves drawing and believes in creating strong contrasts and depth.

Here are a selection of figure, organic and mechanical drawings and colour sketches. Click on the thumbnails to view the respective galleries.

Organic Drawings. Fruit and Vegetables. Click here Figure Drawings in Pastel, Charcoal Graphite and Pencil. Click here. Mechanical Drawings in Pen Pencil and Charcoal.

Always looking to develop her techniques and processes, she varies her media all the time. She usually draws from life and will use whatever is at hand to record visual information. She always carries a sketchbook and has a pencil, pen or lump of graphite available. While outdoors sketching she has been known to add sand, earth, grass, flowers, string, tissue and material, etc to her drawing. She enjoys using charcoal, graphite, pen, pastels, water-soluble colour and oil pastels as well as paint.

She sees painting as drawing with colour, simplifying her paintings by limiting the colours that she uses. By treating it as a drawing, she removes the restraints of representational colours.

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