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Contemporary artist Katherine Milns paints at the Huawei Gala Dinner in Rome, October 2014

Katherine Milns/ Bailey (BA Hons) studied Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University specialising in painting.


"I love painting and drawing. Art has preoccupied me from an early age. It is the processes that I enjoy. Painting is therapy, expression and something to get lost in.

I paint in oils, acrylics and watercolour. It is hard for me to choose a favourite, that changes as I discover something new in a medium. Until recently it was acrylics, having been oils for years. At the moment it is watercolours, after discovering some new colours and creating lighter brighter paintings, I have seen the light!! I paint and draw from life and from photographs as I really enjoy photography too.

I have recently been painting Rome in watercolours and have become mildly obsessed with both city and watercolours. Prior to that I was painting streets around Yorkshire: Scarborough, Doncaster, Tuxford; in acrylics. In 2010 I was obsessed with New York City and painted it in all media for a couple of years. It is my feelings for a place that drive my painting, memories of fun times and the beauty and majesty of the streets and buildings."


Katherine encourages the artist in everyone. Having previously worked for Doncaster Art College, she has an educational approach to learning to paint and draw. She encourages beginners and advanced artists to explore every media and find out what works best for them as individuals. New students soon increase in confidence through the variety in their studies with Katherine. More experienced artists often feel refreshed and re-inspired. She teaches a number of Art classes and groups in Doncaster and with individual clients around the South Yorkshire area. She also teaches a regular Life Drawing class.


Katherine has exhibited in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Stans, Switzerland; Rome, Italy and throughout the north of England. She sells to art collectors in Europe, South Africa, North America, China and throughout Britain.